Learning one of the most ancient and richest languages in the world can only be an once-in-a-lifetime experience!

In the Centre for Greek Language Studies in Corfu learning Greek becomes an easy and enjoyable task. Our Greek language tutor, Mrs. Dimitra Stathatou has set a singular goal: to infuse her students with her passion and love for the Greek language and culture. By attending the classes foreign students will learn how to understand, speak and write in Greek while at the same time, they will get to know the Greek culture in order to understand the Greek ways and traditions.

The courses are designed for adults of every nationality that wish to study the Greek language and improve or even perfect their speaking and writing skills.

The classes are small in size and put together students of a similar level (Beginners, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced & Proficiency) as the goal is to cater to everyone’s specific needs. At the same time, a smaller class ensures that the tutor has enough time to take a personal interest in every single student.